5 Useless Things Packed by Accident (Now Made Useful)

I was impressed (nay, astounded) that my rucksack for a six week trip to South America weighed only 11.3kgs. But unbeknownst to me, these stowaways hitched a ride to Chile. Alternative New Uses would be most welcome.

 A Dice


Explanation: I was a Cabaret Flapper at a Gangster, Casino and 1920s party two days before I left. Clearly I nicked it and stuffed it in my handbag. New Use: As a lucky totem/ For serendipitous travel. Making decisions on the road. Dice Woman


My Dog´s Brush


Explanation: This dog grooming brush was lost for two weeks. I looked everywhere before handing over my very hairy husky/ wolf dog to her dog sitter, Dave. I found it in my rucksack at Gibraltar airport (no idea how it got there) New Use: Grooming  street dogs. Raking sandpits. (neither tried yet)


A Cardboard Coaster from Les Deux Magots, Paris


Explanation: I drank wine with my Mum in this famous but stupidly expensive bar/ tourist trap last October. It was our joint 101th birthday. The coaster was sandwiched between photocopies of my passport. New Use: Chucking it like a Frisbee at annoying flies


Refills for a Fake Cigarette (Without the Fake Cigarette)


Explanation: I bought a fake cigarette for a 10 hour flight to Cuba. It worked, but I lost the cigarette bit. I found the refills in a secret pocket in my wash bag at Heathrow airport. New Use: sucking the nicotine straight out of the tube on the flight to Santiago


The sticky bit off the back of a Compeed Plaster


Explanation: I had blisters in Moldova.  It was in the secret pocket with the cigarette refills. New Use: Binned



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